Distribution Network Operators have the mammoth task of bringing electricity to our homes safely and reliably. We turn on our lights, switch the TV on without a thought of how our electricity is delivered to our door.

Power is transferred from Power stations to the consumers through a huge network of wires belonging to the National Grid. When a current flows through a wire some of the energy is lost as heat. The higher the current, the more heat is lost. To reduce the amount of energy lost, the National Grid transmits electricity at a low current but at a high voltage. Electricity is sent through the National Grid cables at 400,000V, 275,000V and 132,000V. Local sub stations then use step down transformers to bring the voltage back down to safe levels to supply our homes and businesses. A sub station is crammed with technology to regulate and monitor the electricity arriving from the power stations and flowing out to our electrical equipment in our houses, shops, hospitals, commercial premises. etc. All of this technology requires battery back up systems to enable the Network Distributor to be able to switch the supply on and off as needed.

Batteries Unlimited maintain nearly two thousand sub station battery systems spread around the country, carrying out battery tests and exchanging batteries as required. Our long history of battery maintenance gives us not only extensive knowledge in all the problematic of battery equipment but also the expertise of planning and execution of such a mammoth task